About us

The Company

Instant Booking is Australia's easiest event and entertainment booking service. An ideal platform for users to search, compare, check availability and instantly book the perfect service providers for their event. From weddings to work events, to birthdays and bucks-shows, the possibilities are endless. With an enormous range of services to suit every occasion, users can save time and money, while making their event one to remember. So, whether you're searching for that perfect photographer, contemplating a caterer or deciding on a DJ, the solution is simple, convenient and confirmed in an instant.

Instant Booking is a fun, vibrant, energetic and passionately positive company that delivers the best experience to its customers and providers.

The Team

The Instant Booking team have come together from different backgrounds with a mutual goal in mind, to use technology to streamline the process of organising an event. They are passionate, optimistic, innovative and empathetic, with a diverse range of knowledge and experiences. Together, they are very excited at the opportunity to see Instant Booking improve the lives of so many through the joy of events, while constantly growing and transforming, along with their customers and providers.

The Mission

Instant Booking's mission is to transform the way events are booked.

Through streamlining the complete booking process, providers will have more time to do what they love, while allowing event organisers to spend less time organising and more time enjoying their events - The way things should be!